Get Closer To God

Meditation practices change us from the inside, The complex human brain functions at three levels — at the level of consciousness, subconscious, and that of unconsciousness. The mind is also capable of thinking of many things at the same time. we may be thinking about one thing, while doing something completely different. But what often distorts our personality is the fact that the human brain works at different levels,and this creates a conflict between the thinking brain and our thought processes.

Our conscious brain remains fully alert and can manipulate things according to the situation. The level of consciousness is a measurement of a person’s responsiveness to stimuli from the environment. Greed, anger, violence, and a tendency to cheat others originate in our conscious brain, while the subconscious brain is pure and non-manipulative. The subconscious part of our brain is a part of consciousness that we are not aware of. At the subconscious level, the mind is continuously at work and remains more aware about your surroundings than you realize.

The subconscious brain filters out all unnecessary information and delivers only messages important at that time. Thoughts which originate at the subconscious level are fair and pure. The unconscious mind consists of processes in the mind which occur automatically and are not influenced by our thought processes, memories, interests and motivations. It is also the source of dreams, automatic thoughts, and intuition. When we pray to God consciously, we pray only for our materialistic well-being,but at a deeper,subconscious level, our thinking is in tune with others and we know that there is a connection between all humanity.

This is the realm of spirituality,in which a person is always connected to God. Spiritual practices come from the subconscious level of our brain. Just as the body needs food, hygiene and exercise, in the same way, the soul too has needs of purity, positivity, righteous living, and love. To ensure that a soul is never deprived of its needs, take up a practice such as Transcendental Meditation introduced to the world by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist termed the spiritual part of the mind as super conscious and described it as being directly connected to God.

The subconscious mind inspires and guides us. It never sleeps or rests and controls our respiration, heartbeat, digestion, and all those vital processes and functions of the body that continue 24 hours a day. Other forms of meditation are equally effective. Meditation purifies the brain, removes negative thoughts, and slows down thought processes so that the person becomes aware of the subconscious level, where it is easy to practice spirituality. The path to God involves doing what is spiritually right.

So after guarding your soul and by preventing it from taking wrong actions,the subconscious mind automatically guides the person towards what is morally right. At this point, one is connected to God. ¦ .


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