Life Is Both Transient And Eternal

e155e1bb4a9c38e3baf90637ab7865df_1466600956.pngFrom one perspective, life is transient like a dewdrop, but from another, it is part of eternal existence. For the ignorant, life is transient and death is a reality. For the Enlightened One, life is eternal and death is a lie. When you are not connected to your eternal nature, you want to prove to the world how special and unique you are. You want peace but you don’t want to give up the cause of restlessness. You want God but you don’t want to destroy your ego. You want Self-realisation but you don’t want to let go of your false identity, beliefs, and obsessions.

The moment you remove the cause of disquiet, peace will surface, and you will become free of all sorrow. The ignorant one wants to attract others’ attention towards him. If he cannot do that by becoming happy, he will do that even through his suffering. Someone who has met with tragedy gets attention and sympathy from all but in prosperity, people are jealous of him. And so, the ignorant one welcomes suffering and nourishes his ego. Awakening to one’s true nature alone can cure one of this disease.

The ego is always seeking something unique. It is never satisfied with the ordinary. You stress, struggle, and spend sleepless nights to possess something you desire fervently but as soon as you get it, you see nothing special in it. So you constantly remain unsuccessful and dissatisfied. Bernard Shaw says that there are two types of suffering in the world. One is when you don’t get what you desire and the other is when you get what you desire. The second is more harmful because there is no remedy for it.

There is a remedy for it. Masters say that he who can understand this game of the mind of making the ordinary appear extraordinary, and upon its acquisition, making it appear ordinary, his life undergoes transformation. He who gives up the desire to become special, becomes truly special. People ask why is there so much suffering in the world? Man creates suffering from his false belief and ignorance about his own true nature. The true Self is an ocean of bliss. Just as those living at the shore experience equable climate and those living away experience extremes, he who lives close to his true nature experiences equanimity, peace, and happiness; and the one living away keeps oscillating between likes and dislikes.

The world and circumstances are judged based on one’s inner state. When the world is perceived through a transformed and elevated vision, you cannot see injustice and sorrow anywhere. The world is just a canvas. Your beliefs paint heaven or hell on it. And your inner state fills in the colour. When your painting stops, you are liberated. Then you create neither joy nor sorrow, for you have attained eternal peace. Mind sees and experiences only what it believes in. It has tremendous power.

The entanglements are what your mind has already believed to be true. As you progress and mature, the world does not appear as full of suffering or joy. At the end of the journey, all such perceptions and notions stop and you manifest the steady state of abidance in the Self. .


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